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Next Generation Patent and Trademark Docketing

Integration with the USPTO’s system​

Automatic alerts when dates and action items are changed​

Integration with your firm’s calendar​

See all of your matters at a glance in your inbox with our Daily Docket Digest Report​

Task Management

  • Automatically creates tasks when a response is required for an Office Action
  • Assign and delegate tasks to other members of your team
  • Receive reminders when a task is assigned or overdue
  • Customize reminders and assignees

Contact Management

  • Add matter-related contacts
  • Instantly email contacts by clicking on their email address
  • Create custom fields for Persons and Contacts
  • Search and filter by categories, including contact role (from a matter), contact type, person created by

Intelligent Email

  • Automated/templated prosecution-related messages with contact/matter information
  • Associate messages with matter-related contacts
  • File emails to relevant matters

Document Automation

  • Generate prosecution-related correspondence
  • Share documents with clients via secure portal


  • Create professional notes
  • Organize notes in folders and subfolders
  • Easily find notes with universal search feature
  • Collaborate and keep everyone up to speed


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Never Miss
a Deadline

Once a serial number is entered, Ambient IP will begin tracking your patents and trademarks. When a new date or action is issued, the system will automatically alert you and create corresponding tasks.

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Data Entry​

With a deep integration with the USPTO’s system, matter details (including dates and required actions) are automatically updated in real time, freeing your team from manual searches and tedious data entry.

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More Efficiently​

Ambient IP’s built-in email system allows you to store all matter-related emails in a single location. Prosecution documents can be shared via email with a single click or sent to clients via our secure portal.

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Have Peace
of Mind

With bank-level encryption, daily security audits, data redundancy and backups, and custom permissions, you don’t have to worry about keeping your data safe. Ambient IP has got you covered.

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